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Cruising the Tuscan Archipelago

On 14, gen 2014 | | In outside Florence


Nowhere like in Tuscany can you find such a perfect balance of stunning landscapes, great art and amazing food. However, not everybody knows that Tuscany is also a maritime paradise , with an archipelago which can be discovered with a short Mediterranean cruise.

To most people Tuscany means remote country villas, Renaissance art and delicious food and wine, but the Tuscan archipelago is also one of the largest maritime nature reserves which captivates cruise aficionados with the beauty of its splendid seven islands.
Some of these islands are not inhabited, others are tiny private islands while others, like Elba, are inhabited all year long. You won’t have time to get bored: the Tuscan archipelago is full of surprises. There is always another place to explore and another beach to relax and sunbathe.
The main cruise lines, as well as the small tour operators offer inclusive cruises with experienced guides who will accompany you in all your activities from snorkelling to scuba diving.

This is not your usual cruise. You may have heard of “The Count of Montecristo”, well the islad featuring in the novel and film is exactly the small island of the Tuscan archipelago, bearing the same name. The island is inhabited and can be visited only with a permit but the stunning beauty of its uncontaminated nature is worth the trip. The other islands are not less charming with their unspoilt, intact beauty.  If you are interested and would like to know how to go on a cruise in the Tuscan archipelago, Princess Cruises can take you on a cruise  “Under Tuscan Sun”.  You will discover the romantic beauty of this bit of Italy, taking in both the archipelago, the coast and the mainland of Tuscany with its art cities.

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