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The Florentine art of setting the table

Italy is one of the homelands of good cooking: both the choices of Parma as location for the European Food Safety Authority  and of Milan for the Expo 2015 dedicated to food are precise demonstrations of that. It comes natural, while thinking about good cookery, to think about Italian products and, among the others, about the Tuscan ones (wine, olive oil, cheeses, prosciutto, cakes and many other dishes). Here is a question for you: is it important to us to present all these wonderful products in a becoming way? And the answer definitively is: “yes”. During the centuries local artisans have been taking care about how to elegantly set  the table and, few days ago, I have personally tested the skill of few modern creators, artisans artists and designers, having their stores in Florence . Would you like to follow me?

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A day in the Chianti region: Vignamaggio.

On 10, apr 2013 | No Comments | In Senza categoria | By Elena

Last Easter Monday I made the most of the bank holiday to better know a wonderful area in the district of Florence: in Greve in Chianti, right in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, there’s the overwhelming Villa Vignamaggio .

Passing through Greve in Chianti and going towards Panzano, I reached a crossroad with the indications for Vignamaggio. After some gentle curves, winding as a ribbon among the rounded Chianti hills, I arrived at Vignamaggio.  I willingly climbed the short street framed with cypresses leading to the villa, in order to discover this incredible estate made of the a harmonious jigsaw puzzle of the villa, the vineyards, the olive-groves , the Italian garden and the wood.

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