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Extraordinary Florence.

Extraordinary Florence: the things you won’t find in guidebooks.


at the discovery of unusual and less well known Florence places with a timeless atmosphere which you won’t find on guides and only a local tourist guide may know“.
You can download Extraordinary Florence for free to find some of Florence hidden treasures which escape traditional guidebooks:

  • Teatro del Sale
    A cultural club where to meet out-of-the-ordinary people.
  • The Iris Garden
    A garden dedicated to the flowery symbol of Florence, open just one month a year.
  • Antique animals
    The Zoological Museum La Specola is the most ancient scientific museum in the world.
  • Classical Music capital
    Florence hosts one of the most ancient and prestigious European Classical Music Festival.
  • Florence and Soccer
    The glorious history of the Italian Soccer Team can be followed in the museum in Coverciano.
  • Icecream in via de’ Neri
    The simple but tasteful recipe of a Florentine butcher, to be tasted in a high quality gelateria.
  • Chocolate at Hemingway
    in the most popular quarter of Florence, a compulsory stop for the greedy ones.
  • Lastrucci mosaics
    the so-called commesso fiorentino, a 1500s artistic technique to compose.
  • The central market
    The central Market: where do the Florentines go shopping for food?