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Possible guided tours in Florence

Florence and the Medicis Florence and the Medicis Florence and the Medicis

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Florence and the Medicis

Florence and the Medicis: starting from the San Lorenzo area, we will look for the history of the family who modelled the city’s look, following its footmarks in the churches, palaces, and museums.

This tour is one of the best if you are interested not only in seeing Florence but also in understanding it in depth, with all its contrasts, contradictions and inner power struggles. See how the immense political and financial power this city wielded for centuries has marked its soul and shaped its face to these days.

Extending their power from Florence to the kingdom of France and the Vatican, the Medicis were not just shrewd politicians but also art-loving rulers and have done more than anyone else to make Florence beautiful. Come and see how Florence lived through centuries which made it powerful and beautiful.


Who is the “Florence and the Medicis” tour recommended for:

Both groups and individuals.

Length of this tour:

a choice of 3 or 6 hours, depending on what you want to see


In the city centre

What happens:

  • 3-hour tour: The first part of the itinerary develops in the San Lorenzo Quarter (the Medici Palace, San Lorenzo’s and Medici Chapels Museum)
  • 6-hour tour: We will go on following the Medici history, visiting the Signoria Palace to finish in front of the Pitti Palace.