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Possible guided tours in Florence

Florence art workshops Florence art workshops

On 22, feb 2013 | In

Florence art workshops

Let me take you on a fascinating tour to see leather, gold, laces, embroideries, wooden frames, Florentine paper and mosaics. You will be able to interact with the artists and, if you wish,buy some of their works.

Florence art workshops form part of the city’s heritage and have been the ground from which the amazing artistic story of this city has sprung. Masters like Leonardo da Vinci studied in one of these workshops.

Who is Florence art workshops tour recommended  for?

Individuals. I recommend this tour to those who already know the historical and artistic sides of Florence and wish to delve deeper in its lively culture and tradition.

Length of this tour

Either 3 or 6 hours according to what you wish to see.


In the city centre; all is within walking distance.

What happens:

  • 3-hour tour: the tour starts from the Semiprecious Stones Museum, where we will realize what is the “commesso fiorentino”. We will visit a workshop where they go on working this ancient technique. We will continue visiting the Santa Croce’s leather school.
  • 6-hour tour: Later we will reach the Oltrano boroughs (San Niccolò, San Iacopo e Santo Spirito) to visit the goldsmiths’ and the framers’ workshops. The visit finishes in an embroidered fabrics workshop.