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Possible guided tours in Florence

Florence in the Middle Ages Florence in the Middle Ages Florence in the Middle Ages

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Florence in the Middle Ages

Florence in the Middle Ages: the churches, the convents, and the palaces built at the apex of the city’s richness.

It was in the  Middle Ages that Florence laid the foundations of its future political, economic and cultural power. I will walk you through the buildings and narrow alleys which witness the life of this city during the Middle Ages showing you how and why this city became so rich and powerful during this period.

Who is the visit Florence in the Middle Ages recommended for?

Particularly recommended for schools parties, this visit is equally suitable for groups and individuals

Length of this tour:

3 o 6 hours depending on your choices


In the city centre; everything is within walking distance

What happens:

  • 3-hour tour: we will focus on the Medieval Quarter of Florence and we will visit both the religious (duomo square) and the political centre of Florence (Signoria Square), walking through those narrow streets which, better than anything else, will give you the most accurate image of the ancient city’s structure. Observing the passage from the private fortresses to the more palatial palaces, we will follow the socio-economic development which, at least partially, explains the presence of gothic masterpieces such as Orsanmichele, Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce churches.
  • 6-hour tour: after the 3-hour tour, we will spend time visiting the magnificent  Santa Croce church and museums.