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Possible guided tours in Florence

Michelangelo in Florence Michelangelo in Florence Michelangelo in Florence Michelangelo in Florence Michelangelo in Florence

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Michelangelo in Florence

We will walk through the streets where Michelangelo lived and will discover the sites he attended, and finally we will go into those museums collecting his masterpieces.

Michelangelo in Florence: we will discover the sites where he grew as an artist, and will go into the museums where  his works are hosted.

The “Michelangelo in Florence” tour is recommended for

both groups and individuals. Particularly for those who desire to be engaged into a sort of treasure hunt, entering many museums just to admire Michelangelo’s works in order to reach a deeper knowledge of Michelangelo’s art.

Length of this tour

The tour lasts 3 or 6 hours, depending on what you wish to see.


In the city centre; everything is within walking distance

What happens during the tour:

  • 3-hour tour: The itinerary starts from the Accademia Gallery where, beyond the David, other works by Michelangelo are kept. Later we will try to understand the particular relationship between Michelangelo and the Medici family, visiting the New Sacristy.
  • 6-hour tour: After the 3-hour tour, we will move to the Santa Croce quarter to visit Michelangelo’s hall in the Bargello Museum, the Casa Buonarroti and we will finish in Santa Croce church right in front of Michelangelo’s tomb.