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Possible guided tours in Florence

Pitti Palace Pitti Palace Pitti Palace

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Pitti Palace

Pitti Palace: a visit completely dedicated to this wonderful residence, its garden and museums.

Pitti Palace is not only a mangificent building, a duke’s and then Royal Residence, there is a monumental garden – Boboli- where images, sculptures, landscaped garden plots, sudden breathtaking views can engage the visitor for hours; wher one can feel immersed in Nature while being in the centre of a busy city only to be surprised, all of a sudden, by the amazing view of Florence from above.

And then there are many fantastic museums hosted inside the palace with collections of rare works of art.

Who is the visit to Pitti Palace recommended for?

Both groups and individuals. I recommend this tour to those wishing to discover, beyond the Middle Ages and Renaissance, what happened in Florence during the late 1500’s and the baroque period.

Length of the Pitti Palace tour:

3 or 6 hours, depending on what you choose to see.


Pitti Palace

What happens:

  • 3-hour tour: the tour starts from Santa Trinita Bridge, it continues along Via Maggio and stops for a while in Santo Spirito square to go and visit Santa Spirito church where we will introduce the Pitti family. We will go on with the tour toward Pitti Palace and we will visit the Palatine Gallery.
  • 6-hour tour: The tour continues in the afternoon with the visit of the summer apartments, where the Silver Museum is, and it includes even the entrance to the Boboli Garden with its amphitheatre, the Viottolone, the Forcone Pool , the Garden of the Cavaliere and the grottoes.