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Guided tours of Florence: services and rates.

Guided tours in Florence can leave you breathless and fulfilled, but they can also leave you with a sense that you are missing something. Somehow there is just too much to see in little space and it is not always easy to take it all in. Moreover, like all great Italian cities, Florence is unique in many ways; so unlike Rome, Milan or Venice, each with their individual soul which is there for you to be discovered and understood, but which shouldn’t always be taken at face value and often baffles first impressions. This is why I like to tailor my tours to my client’s needs and expectations.


How to make visitors’ experience unique

My goal is to help everyone in my group make the most of their Florence tour. I like being personally involved and I always value my visitors’ active participation. In this way I can build a friendly relationship and the tour will be a pleasant walk at the discovery of Florence, more than a boring list of names and dates.
The tourist plays a fundamental role in my guided visit.

Tourists in Florence and much more

There is no typical customer. The only real common characteristic is their curiosity for the most various aspects of Florence: those looking for Renaissance Florence, for Florentine fashion, for its cooking, for the traditional artistic activities, for Michelangelo’s and Leonardo’s footmarks.
I have always found people willing to be surprised by Florence.

Many ideas for guided tours of Florence

Because of my own education I particularly like artistic and historical tours, even if I don’t necessarily guide people to visit the best known monuments. What I wish to show is the relationship existing between the city’s wonders and its history: I love walking through the narrow medieval streets, speaking about the families and the historical events, the intellectuals (artists, philosophers, scientists) who contributed to build wonders such as the duomo o Santa Croce church. I like following the Medici family, whose growth and power are one of the causes of the Florentine Renaissance.

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle: I supply the pieces and partially indicate their position, but the visitor unites them all in order to have the entire sight of it. Moreover I’m pleased to show that Florence is not just history, but it’s even contemporary life: so we often go seeking the places where the city becomes lively (markets, artisanal areas, modern and contemporary art exhibitions, and cool places too).

  • What’s a guided tour?
    A guided visit is a tour organized and led by a licensed tourist guide, specialized in the local art, history and culture.
  • What’s a tourist guide?
    According to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations this is the correct definition: “A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and recognized by the appropriate authority”.
  • What’s the site of a guided tour?
    A guided tour can be organized indoor or outdoor: city centre, streets, squares, panoramic terraces, as well as churches, museums, and palaces.
  • How long does a guided tour last?
    A guided tour usually lasts half a day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours); however it’s always possible to decide the length of each tour directly with the visitors, depending on their demands and the program they wish to do.
  • Who takes part to a guided tour?
    The visitors can be both groups (more than 10 people) or individuals (from 1 person to 10 people).

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Groups: Half day (up to 3 hours) € 180,00;  Full day (up to 6 hours) € 360,00

Individuals/Small groups: Half day (up to 3 hours) € 210,00;  Full day (up to 6 hours) € 420,00

One or two-hour visits: € 75,00/hr.

“Tailored” visits: for times, itineraries and tariffs please e-mail