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The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

On 26, gen 2015 | One Comment | In outside Florence | By Elena

I have recently come back from a short (unfortunately too short) trip to Milan, where I visited the refectory painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Few steps away from the city centre there’s the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie: a church with its brick covered walls, with a wide façade and with a magnificent apse designed by Donato Bramate, a very famous architect from Umbria who died 500 years ago.

Beside the church front  there’s the entrance to the refectory: it used to be the dining room once used by the Dominican friars and it’s worldly known because of the Last Supper that Leonardo da Vinci painted on one of the shorter walls between 1493 and 1498. Leggi ancora »

Cruising the Tuscan Archipelago

On 14, gen 2014 | No Comments | In outside Florence | By Elena

Nowhere like in Tuscany can you find such a perfect balance of stunning landscapes, great art and amazing food. However, not everybody knows that Tuscany is also a maritime paradise , with an archipelago which can be discovered with a short Mediterranean cruise.
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