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Possible guided tours in Florence

Things to do around Florence: villas and gardens Things to do around Florence: villas and gardens Things to do around Florence: villas and gardens

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Things to do around Florence: villas and gardens

Around Florence there is a wealth of villas and palaces – often unknown to many-  with mesmerizing gardens where which have been designed by some of the greatest architects of all times. Come with me on this excursion to visit magnificent palaces with their stunning gardens immersed in the luscious Tuscan countryside.

The garden itself, beside the palace,  became a form of art during the 16th-17th century. The rural setting would provide the architect with an extra expressive dimension: the woods, the wild nature surrounding the villa acted as a striking contrast with the orderly flower beds and alleys of the garden and surprised those who were walking in the open countryside and suddenly met perfectly cultivated areas.

let’s go together on this, perhaps less usual but equally captivating, tour among stunning villas and gardens with geometric paths, grottos and water features.

Who is the visit around Florence for?

Groups and individuals. Transport must be booked to reach the sites, unless you can provide you own transport.

Length of this tour:

3 or 6 hours, depending on your choices.


Florence countryside

What happens:

  • 3-hour tour: The tour starts in Sesto Fiorentino, where we go and visit the Medici villas and gardens of Castello and La Petraia
  • 6-hour tour: Later we will visit another villa in the vicinity of Florence (one between Villa Stibbert, Villa di Fonte Lucente, villa Gamberaia o Capponi garden)