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Possible guided tours in Florence

Fashion in Florence Fashion in Florence

On 22, feb 2013 | In

Fashion in Florence

From the Costume Gallery in the Pitti Palace, to the Ferragamo and Gucci Museums in search of the roots of the Florence fashion tradition.

Fashion in Florence is like scent to a rose: you cannot have one without the other. Fashion has in recent years given Florence an extra dimension with names like Gucci or Ferragamo and the plethora of excellent fashion designers and producers whose creations are sold all over the world.  Let me introduce you to this fantastic world to see how it all started, grew and developed into what it is today and to understand the obsession of a city and its people with flare and style.

Who is the “Fashion in Florence” tour recommended for?

Fashion aficionados (individuals only).

Length of this tour

3 hours


from Pitti Palace to the city centre

What happens:

the tour starts from the Costume Gallery in Pitti Palace and, crossing the Santa Trinita Bridge, it reaches the Spini Feroni Palace, where the maison Ferragamo is based and which is worth a visit for the beauty of the palace itself with its frescoed ceilings. After having visited the museum, we will go to the Signoria Square for the brand new Gucci Museum.